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Don’t get dystentery

Ray spent his holiday playing the Oregon Trail Card Game; a drama free Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday needs a name change; Aunt Kathy causing troubles in today’s Love ‘Em or List ... Listen now »

BYOT…Bring Your Own Tupperware!

Ray & Karen discuss whether it’s tacky or not to bring your own tupperware to a Thanksgiving dinner; Our NSFW Question tackles those unwanted Thanksgiving dinner conversations; what to do ... Listen now »

Butter Vessel

Salad and rolls are not side dishes! What’s the best Thanksgiving side dish; have any family secrets been revealed at your Thanksgiving dinner; who’s the most annoying person at Thanksgiving; ... Listen now »

The Chipotle Triangle

We want to know about your family Thanksgiving arguments in our NSFW Question; Ray moved to the Chipotle Triangle; news on Kanye & Hamilton in the Hot 3 Headlines; what ... Listen now »

Thanksgivin’ on a Prayer

Thanksgivin on a Prayer is today’s Fake Song Friday; why did you unfriend someone; You Got Scrooged continues; Mom can’t cook but wants to make Thanksgiving dinner; the 90s look ... Listen now »

Hashtag Chong Bong

Today’s NSFW Question- what’s something silly you have an emotional attachment to & why; Should you buy your boss a Christmas gift in today’s Misfit Majority; More stories of how ... Listen now »

You Got Scrooged

Today’s NSFW Question debunks myths about our coworkers; Hot 3 Headlines include The Rock and Beauty and the Beast; You Got Scrooged; a job is in the way of a ... Listen now »

You Haven’t Tried What??

Karen’s fiance put the Christmas decorations up over the weekend while she was sick; Ray & Karen talk about the rising popularity of board games & their favorites; What childish ... Listen now »

Election Day Hangover

Donald Trump elected president; Going to work the day after election day; Love Em or List Em deals with family scandals; NSFW challenges our coworkers to say one nice thing ... Listen now »