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Weekend DJs


Andrea Sayre’s been in the radio business since 1987, but her interest in going behind the mic started at an early age, as she played with her Chatty Cathy doll. Her time in the business has led her to all sorts of opportunities to meet artists, but her craziest music encounter happened with Aerosmith: “I once met them backstage after a concert and they asked for my opinion on where to go hang out afterwards! The band followed us (in my Dad’s beat up station wagon!) to a local bar. I panicked because I wasn’t 21, but Joe Perry walked me in! The band played at this small club, unannounced, and it remains my favorite concert to date!”

Andrea loves theater, and seeing performances at Music Hall are at the top of her list of favorite things to do in the city. But when she’s at home, she prefers to be around her husband and three boys – busy sports schedules mean she often can be found courtside or playing taxi-driver, but, says Andrea, “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”


On air with Mix 94.9 since 2015, weekend DJ Mike Loy hails from a rural town in Illinois, but radio has also taken him from one coast to the next and to every time zone in between. Listening to the radio – both the music and the DJs – as a kid growing up in a small town was a way for him and his friends to feel connected to the world around them and each other. That connection is what he hopes to bring to people who tune in to Mix 94.9!

Outside the studio, Mike’s been known to ink comic strips, urban landscapes and eerie Halloween-esque representations of various things. He’s also done a few concert posters for local bands when he lived in Denver, and is hoping to lend his talents to some Cincinnati bands in the future, too.

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