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How to buy for the Dad that is impossible to buy for

Why is it so hard to buy for dad?  If your childhood is anything like mine, you bought your dad a shirt or a tie that you were proud of and couldn’t wait to see him wear it, only to be disappointed that what you gave him never saw the light of day again.  Yes, that was my dad.  So, to help you get your dad something that he will enjoy this Father’s Day, I want to recommend a thought process and a few cool places to shop.

First, ask yourself, “What does Dad love?”   For me this was a great starting point for what I should get him for Father’s Day.  My Dad, loves Gin, The New York Yankees, Pickled Herring, Smoked Salmon and of course his wife and kids.  I simply Googled those things and got hundreds of great ideas, in a wide range of prices, that I know he will love.  By the way, I settled on a Smoked Salmon Filet from Great Alaska Seafood.  I know that if I got this gift, I would be eating Sunday afternoon while watching the US Open.  I also know that that my Dad will not just put it away and never enjoy it.  How do I know this?  Because he LOVES smoked salmon and would never order one for himself.  If you haven’t started to at least mentally making that list of things Dad loves then stop reading right now.  You will thank me later.

While you are surfing the web looking at things that you know your Dad loves, keep in mind that a Father’s Day gift should be something he wants, not something he needs.  I know for some people (my wife and daughter) this could be a difficult thing to grasp.  It is a must do for any Father’s Day gift.   Most things that Dad’s need mean more work, more hassle more pain in the ______.  Things Dad’s want are things the probably won’t get for themselves, because they would rather buy things for their wife or kids. *   This is important!  Don’t buy Dad something he needs, buy him something he wants.  More importantly, buy him something he LOVES!

Maybe your dad has everything he wants, everything he needs, and everything he loves.  Simple.  Get him something that takes batteries, plugs in or is an accessory to something that takes batteries or plugs in.  There are so many cool new techie things out there that I promise you the Dad in your life has eyeballed and thought, “Wow that is cool, but I don’t really need it.”  Perfect!  See he doesn’t have everything he wants.  Here a couple of places to shop that I love for fun new tech stuff, travel stuff. Shoes, clothes, food etc.

Touch of Modern  Find Everything from Elite Fashion to Cutting-Edge Electronics.

State Bags  If Dad is still rocking the Jansport Backpack, check this place out.  They have the coolest hippest backpacks.  I am secretly hoping my family reads this blog and orders something for me.

Home Brew If Dad likes drinking beer, he will probably love making it too.

Uncommon Goods  This place has something for every Dad out there

Omaha Steaks  I may be a little biased here, but I think they are tough to beat.  Dig in to there menu a little bit, they offer some fantastic cuts and if you are lucky you will be invited to dinner.

Cool Material The best way to describe this site.  All things cool!

Happy Fathers Day!

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