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Have some fun with The Sandy Show Podcast! From pop culture to parenting fails, you’ll hear a unique take on life from Sandy and Holly. Look for new episodes every weekday! Listen on our website, the Mix 94.9 free mobile app, iTunes or your preferred podcast app.

More Show After The Show "A Bet You Shouldn't Have Made"

Making a bet with your kid you thought you would never lose, Holly gets Mom shamed, the number of recorded versions of Silent Night will blow your mind and Kate wants to know "Does This Make Me Crazy?"

More Show After The Show "Magnolia Market"

Sandy's wife tells about her trip to "Magnolia Market" in Waco, Texas, Lilly wants to know if her Christmas Tree desire is crazy and Michelle makes her donation to #Im in

More Show After The Show "The Obsession Christmas Tree"

Holly's obsession makes for a cute Christmas Tree, should parents go nuts on each other for Christmas, can you take your kids out of school for a Bengals game and a big thank you for making 50 families holidays brighter

More Show After The Show "I'm In"

WOW! So many of you said "I'm in" What Ohioans search most on Google and the adventures of Mr Candylips continue

More Show After The Show "A Pain In the Mistletoe"

Sandy complains to his wife about Christmas Dinner, Mr Candylips is injured, Matt Lauer gets fired and great cologne Christmas gift ideas

More Show After The Show "The Guy In The Uncle Sam Hat"

Sandy attacks a guy wearing an Uncle Sam hat, who would you bet your life will never be accused of sexual misconduct, The Royal Wedding and Mr Candylips is tied up.

More Show After The Show "Mr Candylips"

Sandy has a Christmas phobia, We learn about Mr Candylips, TV for the kids and TV for the Adults and the "Great Christmas Light" debate

More Show After The Show "Where Do I Sign Up For Lessons?"

Sandy's daughter has an odd knock for Insurance jingles, Holly tells uses the term "panty dropper" Don't eat any more Thanksgiving leftovers, and the latest Christmas Tree trend actually goes back to the 1500's

More Show After The Show "Who the Morning Joe Guy Looks Like"

There is a restaurant serving a $76,000 Thanksgiving Meal, Holly calls the Flaming Cheeto Hotline to see if they will say "I love you" back to her, Sandy hasn't seen any of the classic Holiday Christmas Movies or TV shows.

More Show After The Show "Want To See The Baby Spit Up Mashed Potatoes?"

Will the person taking Holly's Thanksgiving order at Cracker Barrel say, "I love you" back to Holly after she says it first? What is the right way to defrost a turkey? Sandy does not have the love affair with Turkey like the rest of America.

More Show After The Show "There's a reason I weigh over 300 Pounds" #6

Our listener Cheryl owns being 300+ lbs and it is awesome. A 5 year old destroys a Sephora, listeners have destructive kids. Nobody can prepare Thanksgiving for less than than what "they" say you can and another round of "Would You Rather"

More Show After The Show "Holly Naked in Public" #4

Holly talks being naked in public, Sandy and Holly have suggestions for Kim K's baby, Sandy takes on the Blake Shelton haters, Cops are paying it forward and Google Docs crashing brings out the worst in people

More Show After The Show "How Much To Give Up Your Seat?" #5

How much would it take to give up your seat on an airplane the day before Thanksgiving? Holly and Sandy could not be more opposite

More Show After The Show "Uncle Terry's Punch Has a Bite" #3

Payphones still make a ton of money. Who gets the armrest in the middle seat, travel pet peeves and a listener gets drunk and tells his Uncle he loves him.

Good Morning from Holly and Sandy 11-13-17

You won't believe what people still ask Holly. Sandy shares a story about Robin Williams giving him a hug and not everyone in Hollywood is a scumbag

More Show After The Show "Lady Gaga, Home Remedies for Zits and Tabasco" #2

Holly is a "Hot Mess Express" because of her late night with Lady GaGa Sandy is looking for a home remedy, we do a "This or That" version of Rapid Fire Q&A, and Holly tells what food she always brings to a restaurant. Dilly Dilly

Good Morning from Holly and Sandy 11-10-17

Good Morning from Holly and Sandy, We played a game, E News, O.J stinks, and Lady Gaga is awesome.

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