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Win FREE MONEY with Hank The Piggy Bank!

Hank The Piggy Bank is back and has more free cash for you thanks to Superior Credit Union!

Here’s how to play “Gettin’ Piggy Wit It!”

  1. Visit Mix 94.9 on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram and check out the photo of Hank The Piggy Bank stuffed with CASH!
  2. Listen at the start of every hour starting Monday, June 10th at 10 am for your chance to call with your guess.
  3. Caller 9 gets to take a guess exactly how much money is in Hank each hour. We’ll tell you if they’re too high or too low. (You’ve got to get it down to the penny!)
  4. The first person to get it exactly right wins the cash!

Make sure you keep track of other peoples’ guesses so you have a better chance to win!


Presented by Superior Credit Union!

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