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Bentley – 01/11/18

01 11 18 Bentley

Meet Bentley! This cute little guy was seen wandering around in a not so great neighborhood for several months before he was brought to STAF. His rescuer had been noticing the condition of his skin while she was feeding him and was concerned that he would be at risk when winter arrived. A search was done to find Bentley’s home, but no one ever claimed him. We are so glad to have Bentley at STAF so we can give him the best food and medical attention that he has always deserved.

We are so pleased to say that after a short time at STAF, a food change and a few vet visits; we have seen a noted improvement in Bentley’s skin and a lot more spring in his step:)!

Bentley is a friendly and sweet little dog who enjoys attention and company. He is about 6 years old, and is a spunky little walker who likes playtime with other dogs at STAF. Bentley does well at daycare and already has plenty of play buddies at STAF.

We suspect that Bentley’s eyesight may be a little less than 20/20 (which is not uncommon with Shih Tzus) so he will do best in a home without young children to startle him and a family that is conscious of his poor eyesight when harnessing and leashing him. We’re certain you Shih Tzu folks out there know exactly what we’re talking about;)

Bentley had a rough six months or so before coming to STAF, but we know it’s only a matter of time before someone gives in to that little button nose and fluffy tail and gives this little guy his dream home of a lifetime!

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