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Buddy – 2/4/19

02 04 19 Buddy Louie's Legacy

Buddy reminds me a lot of my dog Josie, who we’re pretty sure is a Chow mix too. Buddy is a 6-year-old, 60 lbs. Chow/lab mix. He was found outdoors living in the woods, fending for himself. While he may have had a rough start, it was easy to convince him that the best life is indoors on a soft bed, with regular meals and the company of his people!

Buddy can take a while to warm up to new people, but once he does he is a very loyal companion. He loves to be petted and lounge with his people. If he doesn’t feel like he is getting the attention he deserves he will grunt, paw at your leg and lay his head in your lap so he can give you puppy eyes!

He also enjoys the company of other dogs, but is not very playful, instead he would prefer to watch the action or lay and gently wrestle with his furry friends. Buddy would prefer a quiet home with a securely fenced yard and children over 12 years old, because younger children’s loud noises and unpredictable movements can startle him.

Adopt Buddy from Louie’s Legacy Animal Rescue!

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