Pet of the Day

Chandler – 12/24/17

12-24-17 Chandler

Meet Tommy Chandler, a very special boy from Peppermint Pig Animal Rescue. Little Chandler has been diagnosed with Mega-Esophagus, a condition that prevents him from swallowing food or liquids on his own and he has to sit in an upright chair, called a Bailey Chair, to eat and drink.

Aside from this condition, Chandler is a perfectly normal little puppy. He loves to play, is very affectionate, loves other dogs, people and children, and is very intelligent and easy to train. Chandler will need a very special and dedicated adopter. When Chandler is adopted, we will provide his custom made Bailey Chair to his adopters for feeding.

Please visit for more details about Tommy Chandler or to complete an adoption application.