The Mix 94.9 A to Z Game returns with MORE CASH!


Mix 94.9’s A to Z Game returns for 2021 with even more FREE MONEY for you!

Here’s how to play:
  1. Listen to Mix 94.9 weekdays at 9am, 10am, 11am with Holly Morgan and 2pm, 3pm 4pm with Jay Kruz
  2. We’ll tell you exactly when to call 513-749-5309 for the chance to be our next contestant.
  3. Caller 9 gets to take a guess as to the correct identity of The Mix A to Z Mystery Artist.
  4. Get it right, you win the cash!
  5. Get it wrong, and we’ll tell you if The Mix A to Z Mystery Artist begins with a letter that’s closer to A or closer to Z in the alphabet. Plus, we’ll add another $100 to the jackpot!
Want a hint?

Make sure you keep track of other peoples’ guesses so you have a better chance to win and join Mix 94.9 Rewards for exclusive A to Z Game notifications and hints!

A few things to know:
  • “The” or “a” in front of a band name does not count (e.g. “Clash” will be the letter “C” and NOT the letter T in “The Clash”).
  • Bands are first letters of the band name (e.g. letter “I” for Imagine Dragons)
  • Artists are the first letter of the artist’s FIRST name (e.g., letter “K” for Katy Perry).
  • It will always be the artist’s stage name, not the name they were born with.
  • There will never be artists or bands that start with a number included in this contest (e.g., .38 Special, 3 Doors Down).