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Even from a young age, Ray’s always been in radio. He and his friends used to record themselves doing radio shows, but “I was the only one crazy enough to turn it into a career,” he says. Since his start with Mix 94.9 in 2009, Ray’s attention-loving personality has been hitting the airwaves.

When Ray’s not on air, he can be found at home watching movies, reading – or out and about at his favorite Cincinnati spots. You just may see him screaming his head off at Kings Island; “it always makes me feel like a kid again,” he says.

Working in the music industry, Ray’s encountered a few high-profile musicians, but it was Marilyn Manson who made the biggest impression. “I actually got to go in his dressing room for an interview. It was lit entirely by candlelight …. and the room was filled with leftover LaRosa’s and Skyline. But I think the most shocking part of the encounter was how nice he was. Here he is, the creepiest rock star alive, the Scourge of Suburbia… and he ends up being a really nice guy: very polite, signing things for fans, grateful people are coming to his show …. don’t tell him I told you that, though.”

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