062: I'm pregnant, now what?

You just peed on the stick, and it’s positive. Yay!!! Now what? A lot happens during the roughly 40 weeks of pregnancy. You may expect some of the changes that occur during this time, but others may seem fascinating or even surprising. Most care providers will schedule your first prenatal appointment at the eight-week mark. But lots of questions may bubble up before that, especially if this is your first baby. Dr. Oakley is answering listener questions such as:
• Should I get an epidural? What happens if I don’t get one? Can I change my mind later? Are there any risks?
• When should you stop having sexy time during a pregnancy?
• Breastfeeding worries. What if the baby doesn’t latch? Who do I call for help? What to look for in a lactation consultant.
• Do women poop while giving birth?
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