074: Free-for-all questions—no waiting room!

Like most women, you probably come to your annual obstetrical exam visit with at least a few women’s health-related questions on your mind. But also like most women, you probably fail to ask your doctor these questions because you A.) got distracted B.) ran out of time C.) you simply forgot or D.) you’re just too embarrassed to ask. Dr. Oakley and Holly are answering these listener questions:

• How much vaginal discharge is normal?
• It seems almost every mom I know pees on herself regularly, and most just laugh it off and deal with it. But frankly, I am tired of having to snap my legs shut every time I cough or sneeze and pray to the bladder gods that I don’t wet myself. It’s gotten to the point that my incontinence is not funny anymore, and I want to do something about it.
• Recurrent boils on inner labia. Can you infect someone? Is sex possible?

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