092: Free-for-all questions—no waiting room!

Like most women, you probably come to your annual obstetrical exam visit with at least a few women’s health-related questions on your mind. But also like most women, you probably fail to ask your doctor these questions because you A.) got distracted B.) ran out of time C.) you simply forgot or D.) you’re just too embarrassed to ask. Dr. Oakley and Holly are answering listener questions and emails in this episode.
• I’m a 60-year-old woman who had a great time in the 70s. So, what age is too late for the HPV vaccine? Can I get it now?

• Are yeast infections and boils related in any way, through the same fungus or bacteria? What are their implications, if any, for diabetics?

• Thought I had a yeast infection because I was itchy in one spot, and I noticed one bump on the vulva. The next day, the itchy spot had turned into a blister, and the bump had turned into a small blister. It feels and looked like canker sores on my vagina. I think it’ just a boil and not a STD. This is scary, can you help me understand why this is happening?
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