093: Are you feeling friskier during the holidays?

Ah, the holidays! From the whirlwind of parties, to bumping into your ex in your hometown, and celebrations can trigger all kinds of emotions along with it — feeling frisky. So if you’re feeling frisky right around now, you’re in great company. In this episode, Dr. Oakley and Holly chat about why some of us are so eager to get it on during the holidays. The spike in sexy times could be from: time off of work (aka loads of free time) — and what to do if you’re not feeling so jolly in the bedroom. But whether you experience a higher sex drive in December due to a rollercoaster of triggering emotions, or because you’re someone who loves watching holiday movies on The Hallmark Channel, holiday sex is all about connection. But if you’re not, know that there is plenty of research out there that supports your feelings. So give yourself some grace during this time, and take good care of yourself. Thank you for listening. Please send in your comments, questions and suggestions for future topics at TheLadyBod@stelizabeth.com. The Lady Bod Podcast is presented by St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Physicians