094: Holiday season survival tips for you & your vagina

Ladies, most of us know our bodies pretty well at this stage of our lives, or at least we have an idea of things that can make us feel like something is wrong down there — especially if we are tired, overwhelmed, long hours at work or just stressed-out during the holidays. Dr. Oakley & Holly thought this would be a great time to go over some tips for you and your vagina- so you can stay healthy through travel and all the holiday festivities you might be indulging in: (late nights out, Christmas parties, all the amazing delicious food, desserts, drinking champagne & wine to cheers the new year, lots of holiday cocktails — it’s not exactly a recipe for a calm vagina if you end up getting an UTI. So, if UTIs, yeast infections or IBS are more of your thing, we’ve got you covered in this episode. There’s no reason why you should let the holiday season get in the way of being smart about your mental health, gut health, sexual health and your precious vagina. Thank you for listening. Please send in your comments, questions and suggestions for future topics at TheLadyBod@stelizabeth.com. The Lady Bod Podcast is presented by St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Physicians.