095: BEST OF SHOW 2021- Your vagina questions answered!

We asked you to join our conversation and send us all the vagina-related questions you were curious about (and maybe too shy to ask out loud and in person), so we could get them answered for you by Dr. Oakley. We compiled them, added a few of our own, and answer them in this episode. Topics we cover:

• I’m self-conscious about my vagina since the lips are uneven. Is that normal? What are some options to fix it?
• Why does my vagina feel itchy a few days after having sexual intercourse?
• I’m hearing a lot about the importance of a vagina’s pH balance. How do I know if mine is OK?

Thank you for listening. Please send in your comments, questions and suggestions for future topics at TheLadyBod@stelizabeth.com. The Lady Bod Podcast is presented by St. Elizabeth Healthcare and Physicians.