098: New Year’s resolutions for your vaginal health

What better time to make a positive change for your health than January? The consequences of us women abandoning our health goals are greater than an unused gym membership or forgotten vegetables that go bad in the fridge. We’re all guilty of it. So what’s the answer? For starters, the way we think about health needs to change—and a simple rebranding could be the key to a new approach. Let’s expand the concept of women’s health and start talking about the health of women. So if you have to make one resolution this year, make it a big one: to practice self-care. We spend so much time helping everyone else—make 2022 your year to refill the tank in a new way. Put the health of you first, and the rest will fall into place. Dr. Oakley & Holly will go over some of the tips in this episode and make a pledge on a healthier vagina for the New Year.

1. Exercise your vagina
2. Don’t ignore any abnormal symptoms
3. Trade douching for probiotics
4. Attend your cervical screening appointment
5. I’ll love and accept my vagina the way she is

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