099: CORONAVIRUS vs. COLD vs. FLU vs. ALLERGIES (Booster Shot)

Sneezing? Feeling congested? Coughing? Are these signs of flu season, a cold? Or allergies, or are they symptoms of COVID-19’s rapidly spreading omicron variant? (Or delta, delta’s still out there…) It sometimes feels like the more we learn about coronavirus, the harder it is to discern it from other illnesses. Now, flu season is upon us now, which is sure to present perplexing questions: Does having a fever mean I have COVID? Is this stuffy nose the result of a cold, or could it be the flu? Or allergies… There are at least a dozen symptoms shared by some or all of those ailments, making it nearly impossible to know what you have without a diagnostic test, a medical exam or both. The good news is that, in many cases, you don’t need to know the cause in order to know what to do. The key is to watch for changes in your or family’s health and to respond promptly. Dr. Oakley and Holly will go over some of the symptoms you may be having or are confused about in this episode. Thank you for listening. Please send in your comments, questions and suggestions for future topics at TheLadyBodPod.com.