Sunday Morning Magazine with Rodney Lear

Getting Out of Debt (Segment #3 John Schwartz)

John Schwartz and his wife, Jeanne, are pre-retirement workers of an economic class well above the poverty line, but well below the one percent. Schwartz wrote THIS IS THE YEAR I PUT MY FINANCIAL LIFE IN ORDER for people like them– and, let’s face it, most of us: a little money phobic, but willing to learn before it’s too late. Sharing both harrowing and hilarious personal stories — from his brush with financial ruin and bankruptcy in his thirties to his budgeted diet of cafeteria French fries and gravy—Schwartz discusses his journey to financial literacy, which he admittedly started a bit late. He covers everything from investments to retirement and insurance to wills (at fifty-eight, he didn’t have one!) to medical directives.