Pet of the Day

Frank & Dean – 4/10/18

04-10-18 Frank & Dean

Frank and Dean are the two best friends and brothers anyone could have. They love each other and love to play with each other, but even more, they love their humans. Only being between 1.5 to 2 years old, they spent most of their life in a shelter in Houston, Texas. They were rescued during Louie’s Legacy’s efforts to help clear shelters after Hurricane Harvey. They came to their current foster home scared of everything in sight, and while it took weeks to get them to come out of their crate willingly, they’ve come a long way in trusting humans, and will need a family who understands their struggles with trust. A slow intro to any new human or space is needed.

Frank and Dean are fostered with all size and energy level of dogs, and they mix well with all of them. They will, however, need slow introductions to any animals already in the home. This duo would do best in a patient home with humans who understand their past and what their struggles may be. Frank and Dean are each 10 pounds and easy to handle. They love being snuggled and will give endless kisses. Their favorite time of the day is feeding time, much like their fellow foster brothers and sisters!