Pet of the Day

Lexi – 1/25/18

01 25 18 Lexi


LEXI is a 1 yr old, 45 lb, female-pointer mix. This beautiful young girl is scared to death of humans. She is now in foster care getting rehab and learning to trust humans again, or for the first time. LEXI is responding very quickly. We have concluded that Lexi absolutely loves children! She follows her fosters granddaughter around and sleeps with her. I guess the trust issue is easy to overcome with little people that pose no threat to her.  LEXI has started coming over to foster mom for a pat on the head. Letting her come to you is key.

LEXI needs to be tethered to you inside and outside until she is no longer afraid and knows no one is going to hurt her. We are unsure of how long this might take, but she is making great strides. LEXI is absolutely the sweetest dog. She has shown no aggression whatsoever. She gets along with the other dogs in the house, but has not been tested with cats. She is a hunting breed mix so she may go after birds😀 and is quite the chewer. Her adopter will need a big supply of chew toys and Nylabones.  

LEXI is a work in progress. It will take a commitment from whomever may be interested. This is what true rescue is about! So, really think about the work it will take to help this girl along!

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