Pet of the Day

Lucinda – 12/6/17

12-06-17 Lucinda
Meet Lucinda!
Lucinda, a 1-year old Labrador Retriever mix, came to the League for Animal Welfare with a lovely personality but also with a few medical issues. She had experienced some trauma to her hind legs and had already had hip surgery before she arrived. She has been recovering very well with exercise, including water therapy, to build up atrophied muscles. She has become very spry and loves to play.
She is not a shy girl and likes everyone including children and other dogs. Lucinda may need surgery on her other leg in the future and the League **will cover those costs** for the adopter.
Lucinda is just over a year old and wants to experience a second puppyhood where she can run and play and be free. She is a very smart and special girl and is ready for a home where she can just be a pampered pet.
If you’d like to adopt Lucinda, you can learn more at the League for Animal Welfare, or if you just want to help, please like and share the photo of Lucinda from our Facebook Page!