Pet of the Day

Myrtle – 3/7/18

03 07 18 Myrtle
Myrtle is a pretty, flowering, low-maintenance ground cover that may go unnoticed among other shrubs and trees.  Myrtle the cat is a beautiful, low-maintenance cat waiting to be noticed as well.  When people come to visit the shelter, other cats take cuts in line to talk to the people, but Myrtle hangs back to patiently wait her turn.  She doesn’t ask for much; just a cozy hangout where she can plop on her side and purr.
Myrtle simply wants a gentle hand to stroke her head and a comfy couch to share with people for quiet evenings.  And if there is another low-maintenance cat in the house, all the better.  This middle-aged gal is super healthy and doesn’t need medication or special foods.  She recently had a complete dental exam and updated lab tests and she came through with flying colors.  So, how about it?  Is it time to put Myrtle in the spotlight and bring her to the front of the line where she can blossom?  The motion has been made and you can be the one to 2nd that motion!
Female/Domestic Short Hair/Torbie.
Date of Birth:  ~1/17/09.
Spayed/Microchipped/House-Trained/Up-to-Date on Vaccinations.
Good with other low-maintenance cats.