Pet of the Day

Sasha – 1/4/18

01-04-18 Sasha


With her stunning good looks Sasha attracts lots of attention and could easily be the star of any party and that’s great but no surprise parties for this girl, she’s more the intimate dinner type of gal.:o)

Sasha arrived at STAF without a good foundation of socialization and is in the shelter setting can be cautious in meeting new people. Fortunately, as long as you are not jumping out from behind the couch with a noisemaker she enjoys increasing her ever widening circle of friends. She is thriving in the care of volunteers as she continues to meet new people and go to new places. Once she has met someone and spent even a small amount of time with them, she is incredibly loving and affectionate. She may even try to climb into (on, over) your lap. Sasha has begun meeting other dogs and making new dog friends. While she enjoys walking with them, she does not have much experience playing yet and so at this time would likely do best as the focus of your attention but who knows what the future holds. Sasha enjoys walks and is a very good walker, with a low to medium energy level.

Sasha will love her new home from head to toe and this gorgeous girl can’t wait to again have a home to call her own.

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