About Bud

You could say Bud was destined to entertain and work in radio. As a child, he created his own radio shows using a karaoke cassette recorder and listened to his mix tapes while out.

Bud started his career with Hubbard Radio in 2008 as a promotion intern and quickly worked his way up to promotions coordinator and an on-air DJ. Long-time listeners may recall one of Bud’s early acts. “My first on-air gig was doing high school announcements for Highlands High School. Fans coined me as Blue Bird Bud.”

When he isn’t at the station, he works at The Dent Schoolhouse, a nationally-ranked haunted attraction, where he is co-owner. He’s also a chicken wing expert and a special effects makeup artist. (Check out The Makeup Couple on YouTube.) Whether he is cracking the microphone at Mix 94.9 or making monsters for Halloween, Bud is always entertaining.

Email Bud at bud@949cincinnati.com