About Dayna

Dayna Kelly was born and raised in Ohio and has called Cincinnati home for most of her life. She grew up with a love for radio and always dreamed of working in it someday. And she did! And it was so fun! And then she left radio for a while, got married and had children. Now that her girls are in high school (and can drive themselves everywhere) it is party time! She is back on the air.

Dayna is totally excited about some of the songs she gets to play on Mix 94.9. She actually saw Purple Rain in the theater 10 times (don’t tell anyone) and used to know the entire dance to the Thriller video. Her first concert ever was Rick Springfield. What a great night that was!

When Dayna is not on the radio, she is a mom to two daughters (Scout & Romy), three dogs (Colby, Fern and Belle) and six chickens (Aunt Bee, Norma, Vera, Pearl, Opal and Cora). She’s basically a farmhand in her own backyard. She loves to walk her dogs, play pickleball, garden and just be outside. Hanging by the pool isn’t bad either. She loves spending time with her husband and friends — especially at Reds games, and she loves to watch the Bengals. Who Dey?!

Email Dayna at dayna@949cincinnati.com