About Holly

Back in 1991, Holly Morgan was working at K-Mart and going to college when she was approached by a radio program director in Donalsonville, GA. “I had no idea that day would change my life forever,” says Holly. “I had no idea I would become a DJ. But he believed I was very unique, and I got my first radio job.”

Holly has been with Hubbard Cincinnati for 20 years and has loved every minute of it! During this time, she has worked at sister station B-105 and Q102. When in the Mix 94.9 studio, she always has plenty of snacks, which probably isn’t a surprise to regular listeners and why she has the nickname “Snack Queen.”

Holly is a married mom of two and lives in Florence, KY. Pet lovers, the family has two dogs, Bennie and DJ.

As Mix’s resident fashionista, Holly has a pretty impressive purse and shoe collection.

“24k Magic” by Bruno Mars best describes Holly’s life as it’s shiny, healthy, happy and, of course, fun! In fact, if she could go to any singer’s house for dinner she’d pick Bruno. “He’s got an old soul like me, and I feel like we could be BFFs—I love his style, music and personality,” she says. “He’s like my Elvis.”

Email Holly at Holly@949Cincinnati.com.

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