Pet of the Day

Snookie – 2/24/18

02 24 18 Snookie

Snookie, has been at Tails of Hope for a long time. She’s a pit mix and tends to get overlooked at adoption events. Don’t let that deter you though, she’s a great dog and would be a wonderful addition to a new family.

Her needs, in order:
1) Fetch
2) Snuggles
3) Food

She’s a ferocious and accomplished little hunter. She’s killer at fetch. Watching her leap in the air after a ball, you’d never guess she has a gimpy leg. She loves walking up to you and laying her head in your lap. If she can, she’ll rest on the couch next you, head and paw on your leg, and nap in between running around playing fetch. She loves to play hard and goes all out when she can convince you to rumble with her. Due to her playful nature, she would not be recommended for a home with small children. She should also be in a home without cats.

She’s intelligent and driven to please, easy to train. (She has a PetSmart training certificate to prove it–and she was the best behaved one and quickest one to learn there, too). She wants to be with her people. She’s hilariously brand loyal–kongs better be the real thing, not any off brand imitation. She’s the only dog I’ve met who can do pull-ups and she’ll do her own little workout routine.